Hey!Cheese is an independent studio based in Taipei, Taiwan, consisting of enthusiastic photographers and graphic designers about visual communication and the creative process.

Since its establishment in 2009, Hey!Cheese has taken on a wide variety of forms of photography projects, such as portfolio presentation, family album, wedding, culinary, and commercial photography, and has curated different types of photography exhibitions at its own café.

Hey!Cheese從台北出發,是一間由專業攝影師,和視覺藝術工作者所組成的獨立工作室。從2009年成立至今,拍攝的案件包含商品攝影、室內設計、 作品集呈現、家庭人像紀錄、婚禮婚紗、生活飲食等等,並一直持續拓展新的攝影類型及服務範圍。基於對攝影的愛好,在Hey!Cheese Café除了有咖啡、有下午茶,也不定期舉辦各種主題的攝影展及分享會。


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